What is Kouksundo?

Kouksundo in an ancient Korean practice that allows people to feel the wonders that correct breathing, meditation and exercise do for our physical bodies as well as our life energy. This ancient teaching has been practiced in the Korean mountains for ages. Yet, it has only reached the broader society just recently. 

This practice is designed to optimize inner energy and blood circulation so that a person could gain the vitality of Nature. Kouksundo practice consists of several parts: lower abdominal breathing, slow body movements, and meditation; dynamic movements, dynamic stretching exercises, and martial arts. Kouksundo practice has more than 500 types of movements which, connected with breathing, stimulates people’s organs, muscles, blood, and energy circulation. 

The Masters of Kouksundo in Korea always stress that Kouksundo is not an exercise routine – it is a complex teaching and practice that works with our life energy. That is why, it is essential that people practice with qualified instructors, who have gained qualifications of instructors. Fortunately, we already have a few certified instructors around Europe and the number of them is growing.