Individual Consultation With Kouksundo Master and Specialist of Traditional Korean Medicine Sasang

  • For those who seek lifestyle changes, healthier routines, and agendas.
  • For those who suffer from insomnia, anxiety, and stress, for whom it is difficult to concentrate.
  • For those who want to regulate their diet according to the principles of Traditional Korean Medicine (Sasang) and Kouksundo.
  • For those who already have health problems: incorrect breathing, problems with digestion,  migraines, restless legs syndrome and many more.
  • We also often see people who suffer from pain of unknown origin, who have no energy or feel bad, but the methods of classical Western medicine do not help them.
  • For those who want to learn Kouksundo practise adapted to their physical capabilities.

Request an online meeting with Kouksundo Master Toma Kumziene. Toma practises Kouksundo since 2005 when she met Great Master Jin Mok in holy Mount Kailash. In 2017 she established a National Kouksundo Center and Kouksundo Academy in Lithuania. In 2021 she was awarded a black belt (Master of Kouksundo). For many years Toma continuously studied Traditional Korean Medicine Sasang.

The first meeting usually lasts up to one hour and a half. First, there is an interview, during which the Master collects and analyzes information about the person’s health history, and determines the person’s type according to the principles of traditional Korean medicine Sasang and Kouksundo. During the consultation, we consistently discuss the problems that a person applies for and especially carefully analyze many situations – from the stress experienced, nutrition, and emotional well-being to the injuries, and illnesses experienced. After the meeting, Master will offer you an individual Health plan with nutrition, stress management tips, exercises adjusted to your daily routine etc.

After 7-10 days, a follow-up meeting is held online during which the changes and the progress of the person are discussed, the Master answers the questions and advises how to continue the health program. The duration of this consultation is up to 30 minutes.

Have questions?

Do not hesitate to email or call +370 698 17669 (WhatsApp).

Individual Consultation With Kouksundo Master and Specialist of Traditional Korean Medicine Sasang

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