Master bopsa Jin Mok

There are a few hundred Kouksundo masters in the world today, but only 8 of them have the highest, bopsa, title. Jin Mok, our Teacher and the President of The World Bakdol Kouksundo Federation is one of them. For more than 30 years he leads seminars in many countries of the World including Korea, USA, various European countries, Ukraine and Russia. Master Jin Mok is not only an acknowledged Kouksundo teacher but also a famous acupressure specialist and master of martial arts. Master Jin Mok has published several books about the specific aspects of Kouksundo. He published Kouksundo in Lithuanian and Russian languages, the English translation is being prepared now.

Master Jin Mok is the patron of the National Kouksundo Center and Kouksundo Academy. He leads the seminars and participates in the activities of the Center and Academy on a continuous basis. He also organizes and leads special training for Kouksundo teachers all around the World ensuring their qualification and learning.

Master Jin Mok always emphasises that Kouksundo practise only has its full impact when it is practiced without any adaptations in its pure and original form.  He carefully safeguards the original teaching left by his father the great master Chung San. We all are members of master’s Jin Mok Federation and value the teaching that we get from the original source.   

The great master Chung San

The great master Chung San, who was the first to introduce Kouksundo to the world taught his son Jin Mok the secrets of Kouksundo. In the year 1984, after 17 years of spreading Kouksundo in the world and passing the knowledge to his son Master Chung San returned back to meditate in the mountains. Nobody saw him since then.