Acupressure is an essential part of Kouksundo practice. Stimulation of the specific points of the body helps alleaviate certain illnesses and body aches. Master Jin Mok is a well known acupressure specialist in Korea. He learned acupressure from his father, the Great master Chung San. According to the Master Jin Mok, there are very few good acupressure specialists in the whole World because this kind of treatment is very difficult – the acupressure treatment requires a lot of energy. Kouksundo acupressure differs from the traditional one – it is combined with special kouksundo breathing.

One of the main acupressure points is at the top of the head. We find it drawing imaginary lines from the very top of both ears and nose. The point is where the lines cross. It is called the point of hundred meetings.

We press this point with the thumb pad or the angle of bent thumb. While pressing we need to hold the breath. This point calms down the stress; anger and heat pass away. This point also helps to minimise the headache.

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