The only program you need to test-drive Kouksundo, learn and understand the essential elements that make up this practice, and get actionable tips to gain more life energy and manage it well. Join a group led by Toma and her team to learn with guidance and a reliable support network that will make sure you are on track for the full 7 days. Learning with a like-minded community and professional supervision is so much more effective.

  • Learn the key Kouksundo elements step-by-step in short daily webinars;
  • Gain actionable knowledge on managing daily stress;
  • Experience the power of very simple routines that aid relaxation and lead to restorative sleep;
  • Feel how simple changes in your daily routines can make a noticeable difference to your energy levels;
  • Experience the power of a close and supportive community.

IMAGINE having a clear routine that helps you manage your energy levels throughout the day, helps you recover from daily stresses and ensures quality sleep.

Feeling full of life energy is achievable for everyone. Here’s how:

1. Enroll in our 7-day online Intro to Kouksundo course.

2. Attend 7 short daily online sessions and give the practices taught a try.

3. Feel your energy levels changing.

What’s Included in the 7 Day Intro to Kouksundo Online Course?

  1. Purpose and Scope of Kouksundo. Kouksundo is not just physical movement. Kouksundo is not just meditation or breathing techniques. We will help you understand the full scope of this system that is known to improve people’s lives for centuries.
  2. Breathing and Meditation Methods. Breathing is a body function that happens unconsciously for as long as we are alive. We all breathe, but breathing is also a vital body function that we can control consciously. When we do so, we can affect our mental and physical state. Breathing and meditation stand at the core of Kouksundo.
  3. Key Acupressure Points. Acupressure is a powerful tool that aids in managing our life energy. We will learn a few key acupressure points that will become life-changing for you and your loved ones.
  4. Kouksundo Exercise. Movement of our physical bodies, when used correctly and done together with correct breathing and meditation, creates the magic of Kouksundo.
  5. Full Kouksundo Practice. To put all the pieces together, we will finish the intro week with a fully guided Kouksundo practice that will become your guide for the days after the program ends.

How will we learn?

As a member, you will get access to a closed Facebook group, where you will have daily meetings with Master Toma and her team of experts. It is through those live online meetings that you will get all the information, participate in live discussions and will be able to ask questions.
The Facebook group also functions as a supportive community and your personal accountability group. As a group member, you will benefit from discussing your experiences with all the participants and will have the continuous support of the Kouksundo Academy team.
All the video material and access to the group will be available to you for 30 days after the program finishes. This will give you plenty of time to try out all the tools in your daily life and start building a habit with the support of other program members.

Who is the 7-day online Intro to Kouksundo course created for?

  • Anyone curious and wanting to give Kouksundo a try;
  • Anyone who has practised Kouksundo a while ago and needs a refresher to get back into the practice;
  • Anyone looking for a way to master a way to deal with daily stress that we cannot avoid;
  • Anyone experiencing insomnia and looking for ways to improve their sleep;
  • Anyone feeling a lack of energy in daily life;
  • Anyone looking to strengthen their physical bodies irrespective of their current physical state.

Would you like to join the program? Please, leave your email and we will contact you as soon as we have the new starting dates!

Introduction to Kouksundo (7 day online course)

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