A person who wants to become a Kouksundo teacher is required to:

Practice at least the third level of Kouksundo (Keon Kon Dan Boub)
Practice Kouksundo everyday
Take the Kouksundo teachers’ course
The length of the course is 4 months. There are contact and online seminars as well as distant learning during the course. The participants do individual tasks in written, verbal form or by submitting the video content.

The main topics of the course:

The basics of The Oriental (Sasang) medicine. The concept of life energy in Western medicine
The history, philosophy and practice of Kouksundo. Yin and Yang, the theory of 5 elements
The Kouksundo exercises: theory and practice
The basics of breathing meditation
The basics of Kouksundo acupressure
The method of teaching Kouksundo

Learning material

All the participants get free access to the Kouksundo Academy (Lithuanian, Czech or English version). During the 4 months of the course participants study individually by watching the videos in the Kouksundo Academy, recordings of the trainings, reading the book Kouksundo by master bopsa Jin Mok as well as practicing and learning with his/her teacher. The everyday practice is obligatory.


If you have any questions, please contact us at info@kuksando.lt