Kouksundo acupressure master class by the highly esteemed acupressure specialist, kouksundo Master Jin Mok from South Korea. 

Master Jin Mok is a well-known acupressure specialist in Korea, who learned this art from his father, the legendary Korean teacher Chung San. Jin Mok is famous not just for his deep knowledge, but also for his honest desire to share it with the World. Thousands of people have been instructed by Jin Mok on how to get rid of various ailments and diseases without any side effects with the help of acupressure. 

Acupressure is not a kind of body massage as people usually think. It is sending energy to various parts of the body while pressing special body points. Acupressure is based on the concept of life energy which flows through meridians in the body. In treatment, physical pressure is applied to acupressure points with the aim of clearing blockages in these meridians.

There is a lack of skilful acupressure specialists in the World because this method requires deep knowledge. During the process of acupressure the master gives away too much energy – usually people who practice acupressure do not know how to regain it afterwards. Master Jin Mok teaches how to regain energy after the acupressure session and how to keep and spread it in the body later. Jin Mok affirms that acupressure is a unique method of healing, used to rejuvenate a persons life energy. Acupressure helped many people to fight with insomnia, headache, restless legs syndrome and etc. 

During the seminar, you will learn the main acupressure points and the correct way to press them, while combining motion and breathing. We will learn how to regain the lost energy after the acupressure session. We will learn how to keep the energy clean in order to help yourself and others. 

The seminar welcomes beginners – Master Jin Mok will start with the basics. 

Acupressure is an essential part of Kuksando teaching. Individuals practising Kuksando in the Kuksando centres in Lithuania and all over the world are introduced with the basics of Kuksando acupressure.

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