The famous Kouksundo Master Jin Mok (South Korea) is inviting you to an introductory Kouksundo seminar in London, UK. The seminar will take place on the 8th of February.

The seminar is dedicated for the beginners seeking to learn Kouksundo breathing, exercises and acupressure. It includes an introductory Kouksundo breathing seminar, exercising practice, the basic acupressure points, questions, and answers. The number of participants is limited so that everybody could have a possibility to talk to Master.

Master Jin Mok will share his knowledge on how to conquer the stress, relax the mind, strengthen and relax the body.

There are a few hundred of Kouk sun do masters in South Korea, but only 8 of them have the highest Bopsa (holder of the path) title. Master Jin Mok is one of the eight. In the thirty years of his teaching practice, Jin Mok has led seminars internationally, acted as the President of the Korean Kouksundo Federation and the Director of the Education committee of the Federation.

Jin Mok is a highly esteemed acupressure specialist. He is famous not just for this deep knowledge, but also for his honest desire to share that knowledge with the World.

Master has a very unique relationship with Kouksundo. Jin Mok is a son of the great master Chung San and he got to know Kouksundo as a child from his father, sitting on his lap and listening to the Kouksundo mantra that we still use in practice today. Jin Mok has been teaching Kouksundo for 36 years now and sees spreading Kouksundo in the World as the big mission he inherited from his father – the great master Chung San.

No special preparation or knowledge is required for the participants. Just make sure you wear loose, comfortable clothing, bring a yoga mat and we will take care of the rest.

The seminar takes place on the 8th of February, 2019 at 6 PM – 10 PM

You will find us in Building 11, Chiswick Business Park, 566 Chiswick High Rd, Chiswick, London W4 5YS, UK.

The price of the 4 hours seminar and practice is 67 £ (75 EUR).

Reservation fee is 30 £ (34 EUR, non-refundable). The rest can be transferred or paid in cash upon arrival.

Payment options of the reservation fee:
1. PAYSERA system here
2. Bank account LT79 2140 0300 0391 7413
Luminor bank
Bank code 40100

Kouk sun do is Korean training of body and mind together. This practice is designed to optimize inner energy and blood circulation so that a person could gain the vitality of Nature. Kouk sun do practice consists of several parts: lower abdominal breathing, slow body movements, and meditation; dynamic movements, dynamic stretching exercises, and martial arts. Kouk sun do practice has more than 500 types of movements which, connected with breathing, stimulates people’s organs, muscles, blood, and energy circulation.

The visit of the Master to Europe is organized by European Kouk sun do Alliance that unifies Kouksundo associations and teachers in UK, Portugal, Czech Republic, Latvia, and Lithuania.

More information:, +44 795 5318431

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The famous Kouksundo Master Jin Mok (South Korea) is inviting you to an introductory Kouksundo seminar in London, UK. The […]
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Seminar in London with Master Jin Mok

February 8 d. 18:00
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