Due to Covid 19 the seminar is postponed. We will inform you about the new dates when the quarantine will end and the international flights renewed.

The famous Kouksundo Master and the President of World Kouksundo Bakdol Federation (South Korea), Jin Mok, is inviting you to a Kouksundo seminar in Lithuania. The seminar will take place in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. The seminar will last 4 days, each day we will practise from 10 AM till 6 PM.

The seminar is dedicated for the beginners of Kouksundo practice as well as for all people already practising Kouksundo. During the 4 days of seminar we will practice Kouksundo breathing, exercises and acupressure as well as Kouksundo martial arts.

The price of the seminar is 395 euros. Seminar will be hold in English (with translation to Lithuanian). We also can help to translate basic points to Russian if needed. The cost does not include lodging and food.

Reservation fee is 200 euros. Reservation fee is non refundable. Please transfer the reservation fee only after your booking is confirmed via email info@kuksando.lt

For more info contact info@kuksando.LT or +370 698 17669 (phone, Viber, WhatsApp)

There are a few hundred of Kouksundo masters in South Korea, but only 8 of them have the highest Bopsa (holder of the path) title. Master Jin Mok is one of the eight. In the more than thirty years of his teaching practice, Jin Mok has led seminars internationally. This year he has  already held seminars in the UK, Portugal, Czech republic, Latvia, Lithuania, etc.

Jin Mok is also a highly esteemed acupressure specialist. He is famous not just for this deep knowledge, but also for his honest desire to share that knowledge with the World.

Master has a very unique relationship with Kouksundo. Jin Mok is a son of the Great Master Chung San and he got to know Kouksundo as a child from his father, sitting on his lap and listening to the Kouksundo mantra that we still use in practice today. Jin Mok has been teaching Kouksundo for 38 years now and sees spreading Kouksundo in the World as the big mission he inherited from his father – the great master Chung San.

Kouksundo seminar for beginners with master Jin Mok

Temporarily unavailable.