Kouksundo exercises that relax the body, muscles, joints and activates the Meridian system.

Daily Kouksundo practice consists of three parts: 

  1. Relaxing exercise routine to warm up the body, concentrate the mind and prepare for the meditation; 
  2. Breathing meditation; 
  3. Exercises for spreading energy through the body.

The initial gentle stretching exercises are done with a specific Kouksundo breathing technique when we breathe in, hold the breath and do the exercise. This first part takes about 12 – 17 minutes, during which blood circulation improves and a body is filled with energy. 

The initial stretching exercises are followed by Kouksundo breathing meditation that fills the body with natural vital energy and the body postures send that energy to the different parts of our bodies. The meditation is guided by a special mantra that helps keep the rhythm of breathing. Overall, the Kouksundo meditation has 433 body postures. Beginners start with 25 postures. 

The third part distributes the energy generated during the meditation all around the body and vital organs. This is achieved by pairing the physical movements with a unique breathing technique. 

Each Kouksundo practice ends with five unique exercises designed to send the vital energy to the specific groups of vital organs.