There are a few hundred Kouksundo masters in South Korea, but only 8 of them have the highest Bopsa (holder of the path) title. Master Jin Mok is one of the eight. In the thirty years of his teaching practice, Jin Mok has led seminars internationally, acted as the President of the Korean Kouksundo Federation and the Director of the Education committee of the Federation. 

Jin Mok is a highly esteemed acupressure specialist. He is famous not just for this deep knowledge, but also for his honest desire to share that knowledge with the World. 

Master has a very unique relationship with Kouksundo. Jin Mok is a son of the great master Chung San and he got to know Kouksundo as a child from his father, sitting on his lap and listening to the Kouksundo mantra that we still use in practice today. Jin Mok has been teaching Kouksundo for 37 years now and sees spreading Kouksundo in the World as his big mission he inherited from his father – the great master Chung San.

We met the Master 13 years ago on the climb to Mount Kailash in Tibet. Our first Kouksundo practice took place 5.5 km above the sea level and there was no stopping after that. After the return from Tibet, we started practicing Kouksundo, visiting with Master Jin Mok for lessons, sharing the experience and knowledge with friends and family. 

As we saw the need for Kouksundo growing in Lithuania, the National Kouksundo center in Vilnius opened its doors. Master Jin Mok is now a regular guest in Lithuania sharing the teaching of Kouksundo with those interested in Europe. 

The National Kouksundo center in Vilnius was planned as a small place to cater for those interested in the ancient teaching of Kouksundo. Yet, the reality appeared to be very different. Our center in Vilnius attracted the attention of other practitioners and instructors from Latvia, Estonia, Portugal, and the Czech Republic and the need for a European center for Kouksundo became apparent.

In addition to the regular daily practice sessions and seminars in Vilnius, Lithuania, the center organizes retreats and seminars around Europe and in Korea. You can find information about the upcoming events here.